Mittwoch, 18. März 2015

DIY Tutorial | Make Your Own Felt Vases

Hi everyone!

this will be a first time for my blog: i will share a DIY tutorial on my blog.

Well, yes i know i had prepared several times tutorials before and shared as a freebie on my blog. (For the ones who do not remember: first one here and second here.) They were but in German language and this time i will write in English and there will be no download link.

Easy enough, it is a tutorial post. So let´s get started. I would like to introduce you my new vases. I sewed them for my desk. After a long cold winter, i really missed spring blossoms and needed to see a few on my desk while working.

But i could not find a cute space-saving one, since there is no much empty place on my pretty crowded desk. So i decided to make my own. It was easy and quick, i really liked it, so i sewed another one. Then i thought it would be nice to share a DIY tutorial.

Here are the steps to follow to make your own:

1. Make a pattern. Draw a shape like mine or any other shape and in any size you would like on cardboard. This pattern would be a quarter of the vase. So, cut your felt in the shape of pattern four times. So that you get four pieces of your felt vase.
2. Pin the pieces together. I suggest using binder clips like i did. It is a good way to secure the felt pieces in place.

(A reminder: if you wish to embellish your vase, to stitch or embroider on your vase or something, you need to do this before this step. Like i did with my second vase.)

3. Sew the pieces together. And trim slightly.

4. Turn the felt inside out.
5. Place a glass jar or bottle in it. Then put your flowers in that.

And tada! Here is your fully handmade home decoration! Now you can enjoy your fake spring like i did.. ^^

If you follow the instructions and make a vase of your own, feel free to share its photo on Instagram using the tag #herziggenaehtes .

I hope you like this post and you have great time following the tutorial. Happy making everyone!

Hugs and loves.. ^^

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