Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2014

Welcome Back "Herzig♥Genaehtes" :)

Hi again everyone ! :)

It´s been like ages since i wrote here for the last time. And yes, i am finally back! :)

It has been such a difficult time, i have been struggling with so many issues; moving, changing the country and the continent, as well. Making the apartment we rented here in the little town near Istanbul, a loveful home for the family... Searching and shopping  for the needed houseware, furniture... Considering all the details, price, quality, bla bla.. 
And still trying to make us suffer less for this moving thing. It was a long journey, we knew it. And i can say we survived the hardest part. Yes, we still have many things to do. With enough time and patience, anything is possible, right? :)

So, as i could manage to start decorating my sewing room, in the meantime i made it to working a little, too. And i made these three new ideas for my shops. And now my shops on Etsy and Dawanda are open again. Horray! :)

First one is the Cottage Chic Christmas Ornaments here:

Second one is the Embroidered Felt and Leather Coasters here:

And the third one is the Lovely Frames for Kids Room here:

I just participated the new Christmas Spot on Dawanda. And here i am sharing it with great excitement and pride:

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