Montag, 30. Juni 2014

RÄUMUNGSVERKAUF | 30 % Rabatt im HaGi Dawanda Shop!

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

bis einschließlich Sonntag, 06.07.2014 erwarten Euch in HaGi Dawanda Shop tolle 30% Räumungs-Rabatt auf alle Artikeln! Die sind jede versandbereit und in einem Tag unterwegs nach dem Zahlungseingang.

Sonnige Grüße, 

Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

What´s new in HaGi Dawanda Shop? (01.06.2014)

Hi everyone! :)

Here i am again with a "What is new?" post.. Today is the first day of June. May, which has gone so fast that i could find the chance to write here only once, was such a crazy month. My days were pretty full, my schedule was crowded and my mind was in a little chaos.. :) Well, i am certainly happy to complete everything just like planned..

OK, let´s get to my newly beauties, right?
Today, i would like to begin with my new Ipad Cases, which were considered to be actually Father´s Day Gift. They are so cool with the pear logo in the middle and stylish patches on the corners. I sewed two of them; one with brown felt and one with dark grey. Both look great with "for Dad" labels which i stitched in German, but sure they can be prepared in English and with other words, as well. I think they would be a lovable gift for the man in your life. And i can customize it for you, too.

Second one is my new Moleskine Cover, which i stitched with beautiful design of UrbanThreads. This motivational cover is made to protect the notebook of a creative person.

Third one is this Guest Book Cover i made after a customer´s request. I took its photo with my new camera. Yes, i had enough with those bad photos i used to take with my digital camera. Hopefully, from now on, my product photos will be apparently a better quality.

Next one is this lovely Make-up Pouch which is in a pretty Parisian Style. On the label it says "Girl Stuff" in German, but again, available in English, too.

Now we can get to the kids stuff. I really love this part of my posts.. :)

First one is this Toy Basket i sewed for a customer. It was 30x30x30 cm and has a pretty label on the front which says "Toys" in German. It is the same basket with my previous one, but this time it is made of natural coloured felt and photoshooting was with my new camera. It looks fabulous, right?

Next one is a customer´s request as, well. This stroller toy chain in beautiful grey-light pink tones, looks simply wonderful, doesn´t it? :)
And the last one of today, is this beautiful crib mobile, a customer´s idea, in dark blue-light pink combination. I hope the little one smiles to each toy while she lies in its bed. ^^

So, that´s supposed to be the end of this post. I am not sure how many people in the whole world visits my little blog and would be patient enough to read all these:) but i feel really grateful, i mean "Thank You!" if you are one of them!

See you later.. :)

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