Samstag, 10. Mai 2014

What´s new in HaGi Dawanda Shop? (10.05.2014)

Hello everyone :)

the more i apologise for not being able to write here, the longer it takes for me to write. So i stop complaining and start to enjoy this very moment, which i could luckily catch on this no-sewing Saturday evening. :)

Although i have tonights dinner dishes in the sink waiting for me:) and i have some other new products waiting to take their places in my shop (of which photos need to be arranged), i am here; and yes, i am blogging. If we can call what i here do as "blogging"?!.. ^^

So, let´s get started. My first product today is the pillow covers, which i sewed for the Mother´s Day and one of them is happily sold. :) As you know, tomorrow is Mother´s Day and after my felt recipe book cover (it was sold last week, too:), i sewed these beautiful pillow covers, with great motherly love. :)

And the next Mother´s Day idea was these pretty cosmetic bags.
And last week after a customer´s request, i sewed a wedding guest book cover and photo album cover. They were embellished with some elegant laces and velvet bands and of course the script embroidery. After sewing so many book cases, it was rather easy and fun to me to sew these beauties. I think i must sew some new ones, as soon as i can. :)

Next, i had a customer who requested an embroidered Simon´s cat on her case. I had to get the image digitalised first. And then i sewed these new Ipad cases. The figures are so adorable and they look great in the simplicity of the design. I really love them! :)

And the most beautiful ones in the end, as usual :) My all new crib mobiles! It was a longwaiting project, and i finally did manage to finish it. These kinds of baby stuff, i mean like stroller toy chains, which i often sell, need more care, patience and time.. Therefore it was more difficult to get to that in between all my other duties (orders, homekeeping duties and parenting my 6 year-old-princess:)
So i am really proud to complete it, and pretty pleased of the result which is quite the same with what i dreamed in the beginning.

Now i have two mobiles in the shop, one based on so-called "Owl-Love" (as before) and the other based on "Elephant-Love". Each one is sewed with beautiful fabrics and felts in soft colours. And they can be sewn and preapared as you design, with your fabric and felt choice, etc..
So far, i think i can finish todays "what´s new" post. But first i need to write about something. After sewing and selling over 500 pieces of handcraft, i think it is quite fair to say -for the ones who are considering this kind of business-, that this handcrafting thing is something you do for your happiness, but you do that for other people. It seems never bad as long as you get good feedbacks and kind compliments. But when you sometimes face the ugly truth of this humanly factor, i mean you can not make everyone completely happy, right? And then you hesitate and kind of lose your enthusiasm. But you should not let that happen. You must always remember: "What you really need to care about, is your own happiness and you should focus on your projects, your business, your dreams. This way you keep getting motivated!"

So, after this friendly advice, i think i must close this post with a Mother´s Day wish. I wish all the mothers of the world a wonderful Mother´s Day. Especially for the ones who have their child at a far distance, like mine. :) Happy Mother´s Day!

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