Montag, 7. April 2014

What´s new in HaGi Dawanda Shop? (07.04.2014)

Hi everyone,

it´s been weeks again and i did not appear here at all.. Well, there are several reasons for that. First of all, we have a plan of moving from one apartment to another, which is a huge thing for someone who works at home like me. So many things to organize and take care, oh my!.
And secondly, you know i always have a mind full of ideas and projects to be put in order. And of course there are my lovely customers, whose requests i am trying to follow. So the time goes by and it is being quite a challenge to sit and write all about these..

Sorry for complaining, but please wish me luck, as i try to get over all these things in front of me.

Well, let´s get started.. My first one to present was my daughter´s idea. Remember the felt kids messenger bags i sewed in the last weeks? Well one of them was for my lovely daughter, she really really loved the one with kitty aplique and happily used her bag for her kindergarten stuff. Now that she can proudly ride her two-wheeled-bike these days and enjoys riding it on the way to and from the kindergarten, she asked me, "can i hang my bag on my bike?" Well there came the idea to combine both things together. Here is the result.. :)

Next one is a project i had planned long long time ago. These felt cases are for "U-Heft" which means "Child´s Health Check Book" here in Germany. I designed so many of them.

One pair with colourful letters and embroideries, one pair with cute baby appliques and two pairs with beautiful swirl frames. Each of them will have stitched name and birthdates of the owners.
Another one is a brand new felt product, which was a complete customer´s request. It is meant to be a little cute money bag, but it can be used for smart phones, too. The customer wanted it to have a button closure, but it can be sewn of course with velcro, as well.
And last one for today, is these lovely felt garlands. I stitched these beautiful letters in soft colours. But they can be made of felt in more colouful and joyful combinations, too. Completely personalisable, and here in shop..

So, that´s it for today.. See you next time.. :)

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