Donnerstag, 6. März 2014

What is neu in HaGi Dawanda Shop? (06.03.2014)

Hi everyone! :)

here i am again posting in English..

Well, i think i must start with admitting that i am quite embarrassed, when i look at the post archive on my blog page, seeing only "2" posts in the whole month February.

But i can not really stop by to write a few words and add a photo. I used to do that in the old days. But these days i do wait until the material gets big enough to present. It is probably just to spare time. And do i spare really, well, i am not sure.. :)

All right, less words, more work.. Here are my latest works. You can feel the mild spring breeze on the photos, or is it just me? Yes, other than the regular orders i wanted a bit to work with some fine colours. Maybe i got enough from the grey tones of felt, i don´t know...

O.K. here we go... Firstly i want to present these adorable baby stroller toys "Elephant love", "Sunshine" and "Happy Cloud". Each one is super cute and with bells and squeaks, they are the ideal playmate for the little ones while travelling in the stroller.

And the others are the easter items, i added in the shop: the stuffed easter rabbit "Rosalinde", scandinavian easter garlands and rabbits.

So, that´s all for today.. Bye! :)

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