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What´s new in HaGi Dawanda Shop? (19.03.2014)

Hello my friends,

it was five days ago, i posted here another "What´s new?" post, and since then i could manage to sew so many new things for my shops.

You may ask, "Hey, did you really sew all these in five days, really?!". Honestly to say, the answer is "No!". :)

Not all of them are sewn actually in the last days. Some were already designed and cut, some were semi-sewn, and some were at least embroidered. What i did was completing the projects, photoshooting and adding them in the shop.
As they made quite a crowd here on my table, i decided to post and announce the new items in my shop.

Well, let´s start from the last one, (that is more exciting:) yesterday i achieved to finish my kindergarten felt messenger bags. They are made of high-quality felt, soft but strong, light but durable. They are easy to open and close with velcro and comfortable to handle and carry with their 40 mm thick belts which are adjustable to max. 95 cm.
In my shop, you can find one for the girls and one for the boys. The Girls Version can be embellished with a hello kitty applique, embroidery of Tweety, Daisy Duck or Eeyore or one of the very cute "Lou Lou Girl" designs of Doro K. from Kunterbuntdesign. As an example i stitched the girl with the watering can.
The Boys Version can be sewn with an angry bird applique or embroidery of Mickey Mouse or Eeyore or one of the cute "Little Big Boy" designs of again Doro K. Here on photos you can see the boy with the race car.

Other than these, i sewed new Kindle cases out of wool felt one with the beautiful embroidery "Happiness is a cup of coffee and a really good book" and one with my popular Red Owl applique.

And the last ones are the book cover and smartphone case made of wool felt with cute toadstool appliques.

All available and personalisable in HaGi Dawanda Shop!

p.s: The day before yesterday, i received a wonderful e-mail which was written by a happy customer who was thanking for the felt case i sewed and personalised for her. That was so heartwarming and motivating. Such customer feedbacks makes me keep in mind that, what i do is not only sewing for people, but also a good way of communicating and connecting with them. Yes, it does not warranty the absolute happiness for both sides, but considering that each human being is a unique piece of creation, i think it is worth to take the risk. Well, enough for now. See you next time..

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