Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Sewing Room Herziggenaehtes Newly Organised

Hello everyone:)

i would like to introduce you my newly decorated Sewing Room and share a few photos for the ones who wonder where i do my sewings.

And i want to share the ideas i applied for the ones who are interested.

The first thing i did was choosing the fabrics of course. I picked up two matching fabrics, one in red and one white with red stripes. Then i sewed me a sewing caddy i saw in this tutorial.

Then i made a matching wall-decor, just by making an appliqued heart using my two fabrics and putting it in an Ikea frame.

And i made a mobile with two hearts and a red bird.

The next thing i made was a memo board. For that first i covered a canvas with my striped fabric. And i attached three strings and little clothespins with cute ladybugs on them. Then i added a few mushrooms and clover leaves as decoration.
What i next did was to sew me a few fabric baskets.
I needed them for my sewing stuff and i sewed three in variations of my fabrics. You could use this tutorial to make some yourselves.

And i sewed fabric liners to my baskets using this tutorial.

And prints and patterns into folders, buttons and beads into the jars...

Fabrics are folded and put into baskets and the  other stuff to the drawers...

So is my favourite part of home is now more lovely and organised. Let´s  keep getting inspired and sewing more with love.

Herzig ♥ Genaehtes  


  1. How pretty! I like that everything coordinates and I love the red you used.

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it. :) I love this tone of red,too. It gives me a lively energy and refreshes my enthusiasm to work in my sewing room. And thanks for the comment, it made me so happy! ^^


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