Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Handbag "Autumn Concept" Handtasche

Hello everyone:)

here is the handbag i sewed today for my Autumn Concept. I think this will be the last item for now. ^^

I used the Tilda handbag pattern i found in this book.

For the ones who are interested i can give the page number, too. Page 40: Party Bags.

As my handbag is pretty much different, we can not obviously say it´s a Tilda Party Bag.

But i think it is fair to say, it is a cute autumn-like handbag big enough for many stuff, like a phone, a wallet and even a little book. Soon available in my Shops on Etsy and Dawanda.

Herzig ♥ Genaehtes  

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