Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

Portmonee "Autumn Concept"

Hello there,

this is the 100th post of mine on this blog. It´s been eight months since I started actually writing here and sharing what i sew, what idea I produce, etc...

Along these 100 posts, there became nearly 20000 pageviews, which I still am finding it hard to believe. =)

With this post, I decided to write sometimes in English, just like now:) und manchmal auf Deutsch, genau wie früher:)

This idea came to me as I opened my new Shop on Etsy. And yeah, I did. :) As I could not find enough time yet to translate all of my product informations, -which I hope I will soon- I realised that it would be easier this way.

And by the way, my shop on Dawanda is still open. I want to taste and compare the atmosphere of both websites and see which one I actually belong to.

So, back to the title! This is the first item of my Autumn Concept: A portmonee! with cardholders and a zipper pocket for money and stuff. It has three fall leaves appliqued and a snap closure.

Sure there will be more! More fall leaves are flying in the air and I will pick some of them and paste them onto my ideas. We´ll see how they will look. ^^

Herzig ♥ Genaehtes  

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